When it's time, IT'S TIME

My heart has felt a great many things over the past few months. As has yours I imagine.
Change is one thing we can absolutely count on in life, and the changes we are currently experiencing are very certainly profound.
Change that can, and often does, feel negative, hard, and challenging...and which, when we feel into the deepest parts of us, is leading us to many things beautiful and amazing.
Some would say much of this change is long overdue. The Universe, I believe, knows precisely what it is doing and in this we can trust in divine timing.
I felt the call for this shirt almost immediately when the shut down of the pandemic began, but it wasn’t TIME to put it out into the world yet.
The inspiration to write this and put these shirts out into the world, came to me very gently and suddenly just now. I’ve been struggling with the heaviness, heart break, heart and mind opening, and ultimate birth of change the world is currently experiencing; feeling it deeply.
My creativity has felt stalled and stuck and I’ve felt low and wanting to hide, but not. I found myself having time to myself this afternoon, and pacing in my mind and being about what would feel best right now...and I was called outside. Almost instantly as I sat in my front yard I was inspired to write this.
As I’m writing, there is a cardinal singing loudly, confidently, and joyously in a nearby tree. I invite you to check out the symbolism of the cardinal in the comments. And also note the significance of the color red...that seems to be a theme here at Forbidden Apple Inspirations.
And so.... IT’S TIME.
It will have different meaning and significance to each of you who choose it and I wish you the most profound blessings and fulfillment in whatever that meaning or significance is.
Thank You, Always, for You, Choosing Us, and for Who You BE in the World
~ Jessica
CEO Forbidden Apple Inspirations

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